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Quilt Stores

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Jan. 28th, 2006 | 02:51 pm
posted by: lemurjoe in austintextiles

in_stitches has asked about quilt stores in the area.

The three I know of in Austin are The Quilt Store up on Anderson Lane; Ginger's Needlearts (which is half quilting, despite it's name)in Capitol City Plaza between I35 and Cameron Road; and Quilting Bee up around Anderson Mill. I've been to all three, they're all good and all are worth visiting since they all have different fabrics and directions they're going in.

There also was a quilt store in San Marcos, but I think it's moved to near Lockheart.

A good way to get to know the stores in the Austin, San Antonio, Hill Country area is to take part in the Bluebonnet Quilt Hop. It's the first weekend in April, although the quilt square portion starts in March. There's also a hop that goes north of Austin, but I don't know the details on it.

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from: in_stitches
date: Jan. 29th, 2006 12:48 am (UTC)

Hey! Thanks, very much! I appreciate your time. I think I've been to all three of those shops. I know for sure I've been to Ginger's. I met her about 5 years ago. I was heavily into cross stitch too, back then and she was just starting to add fabrics in the back of her store. Someone else I know told me about the Quilting Bee, and I had it on the list I took last July, but don't remember if I ever went to it. I'll have to try again.
Thanks, especially, for word on the Bluebonnet Quilt Hop. I bet that would be fun and beautiful, as isn't that the time of the bluebonnet, wild flowers along the highways, etc? I guess so, hence the name. LOL! Thanks again!

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from: adelajudith
date: Jan. 30th, 2006 02:43 pm (UTC)

I think the one in San Marcos (Gifted Quilter) closed last year. They moved, and then closed... I'm not sure why. But yeah, the shop hop is really fun! A lot of driving though! Get some friends together and carpool or something! Helps with the parking too... =)

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