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Textile Arts &Crafts in Austin, Texas

Textile Arts & Crafts in Austin, Texas
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This community is for anyone who creates with textiles in the larger Austin area. It is to discuss methods and materials, to discuss places to show work around town, ask for help on problems that have cropped up in projects, to show off finished items, to announce and discuss upcoming shows and fairs, to list good places for supplies, etc. Basically, anything concerning textiles that would be of interest to someone in Austin.


Larger Austin Area:
This includes everything from Kyle to Round Rock. Anyone in or out of this region is welcome to post and comment, but try to make sure the posts have a high level of interest to people inside the area. One example: Posting about the Houston International Quilt Show (info or reviews) is acceptable, as it is a large show many of us in Austin either go to or would like to go to; posting asking someone to come to Houston to look at your grandmother's quilts is not acceptable. If you're not sure if something is acceptable, say so in your post, it will be reviewed and a comment will be added as to a decision either way.

Textiles: Generally fabric, felt, weaving, yarn, crochet, knitting, macrame, embroidery, tatting, needlepoint, sewing, quilts, quilting, etc. Beading related to woven beading forms, or in relation to quilting, needlepoint, embroidery, etc. is fine, but jewelry making or bead making discussions should be kept to a minimum and will be moved off the community if the threads get too long. Paper making is generally listed under textiles. Some discussion is alright, but if it becomes overwhelming, the involved members may be asked to bud off another community.

anyone: male, female, either, none, old, young, in between, pink, brown, purple, green.

A few rules:

1) Read the above definitions for what is and isn't on topic.

2) Be polite. Especially when it comes to non-traditional items, whether that's people, supplies, or techniques. No one likes to be told they can't do something merely because you haven't thought about it being done before.

3) Any posts/icons that are clearly inappropriate will be immediately deleted and you may (or may not) get an email explaining why.

4) Please post an introduction about yourself when you join.

Other things:

More things when needed.